What to Expect From a Lyric Hearing Device

Getting started on the path toward better hearing is easy. With Lyric® Hearing, you get your own customized Lyric devices in one simple office visit to your Lyric trained hearing professional's office. Lyric is a non-surgically placed hearing aid, and no anesthesia is required. Sizing and fitting you for new Lyric devices should take less than one hour.

To begin your experience, schedule an initial appointment with your local Lyric trained hearing professional.

Initial Patient Visit
Your initial visit will begin with an evaluation of your specific hearing loss condition. Based on this evaluation, your trained Lyric hearing professional will determine if Lyric is the best option for your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Evaluation Steps

  • Perform hearing exam to assess your hearing loss
  • Conduct ear exam to check size/shape of your canal and ear health
  • Evaluate your lifestyle/hearing needs

Once you and your hearing professional have determined that Lyric is right for you, you will be sized and fitted with Lyric. This process has three simple steps that enable you to leave the office with your Lyric hearing devices.

Sizing and Fitting Steps

  • Size and place Lyric
  • Program Lyric
  • Discuss how to use Lyric, Q&A, and follow-up visits

After completing the steps above, you will start to experience the benefits of Lyric Hearing.

Follow-up Visits to Receive Your New Lyric Devices
Lyric devices may be used for months at a time until they cease to function.

*Individual replacement needs may vary. Duration of device battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions.