• "When I first heard about Lyric, I was pretty skeptical. After spending all of that money, time and effort on the other hearing aids, I really didn't think something could work well for me. ...Lyrics have changed my life. I've been able to return to all of the activities that I love and enjoy with others."

    -Dane, Lyric "Tell Us Your Story" Honorable Mention
  • "We have the natural accoustics of the ear aiding the system and giving a person more natural sound and directionality, so they're able to hear better and with less volume in the instrument for a very natural, clear sound."

    -Williams S. Diles, M.A., from Kenwood Hearing Solutions
  • "If you can put a device right by the eardrum, all of the natural processing - the direction where sound comes from, collecting the sound in your ear canal...means you don't have to amplify so much.  The sound isn't distorted - you get this beautiful, natural sound."

    -Dr. Jacob Johnson, ENT & InSound Medical Director
  • "I'm very vain; I'll admit it... I couldn't possibly have hearing aids if people could see them."

    -Stu, Lyric Wearer
  • "It truely is as close to my own hearing as I ever thought I'd be able to experience..."

    -Libby, Lyric Wearer
  • "This Lyric device is off the charts...I feel almost reborn. My whole world is happier because I don't have to stress when I am trying to hear someone or am trying to have a conversation."

    -Cookie, Lyric Wearer
  • "The single best thing about Lyrics is that you are independent. You don't have to worry where you're going to have a conversation.  You're not restricted in terms of your activities.  You're back to where you were when you didn't have a hearing deficit."

    -Dave, Lyric Wearer
  • "With the Lyric, it is always in. You don't have to remember in the morning that you better have that hearing aid with you, and you better stick it in your ear, and you better be prepared, it better be turned on and you better have batteries in it. You don't have to think about that."

    -John, Lyric Wearer
  • "Lyric is amazing. I use my Lyric in tough situations.  I've hiked Mount Kilimanjaro; I've hiked in the Swiss Alps; I practice yoga.  Lyrics are hassle-free!"

    -Syd, Lyric Wearer
  • "For years I wore hearing aids, but no one knew because I had long hair. [...] With Lyric, now I can wear short hair, and when I tell people 'Oh, I wear hearing aids,' they say, 'Oh, you do not!'  They say, 'I don't see anything,' and I say, 'that's the advantage of Lyric.'"

    -Ellie, Lyric Wearer
  • "Showering is not a problem; traveling is not a problem; being on an airplane is not a problem. Lyric has been fantastic. It is very adjustable to my lifestyle."

    -Stu, Lyric Wearer
  • "I was able to hear sounds I hadn't heard in years. I heard my kids speaking... Before I had problems hearing and understanding what my family said to me...It was just like turning on a switch. It was amazing."

    -Lawrence, Lyric Wearer
  • "Lyric is a fabulous hearing aid. I've enjoyed so much more: conversations with people, especially the telephone. It really has improved the quality of my life."

    -Dale, Lyric Wearer
  • "When I'm out with people, I don't have to say 'what, can you repeat that?'...I hear everything and it's a blessing to me."

    -Ellie, Lyric Wearer
  • Lyric was a collaboration between scientists, engineers and physicians with a vision of creating the best possible hearing aid. We asked, "What does a hearing aid user want in a hearing aid?" A hearing aid close to the ear drum would offer the most natural sound amplification and allow a patient to wear the device 24/7.

    -Dr. Robert Schindler, InSound Medical Founder Director & Lyric Wearer
  • "You don't even have to take it out. You can wear it 24/7, no one can see it, and I can't even feel it. Sometimes I forget that I have it on! I just want to say thank you Lyric.*"

    -Grace J., Lyric "Tell Us Your Story" Honorable Mention
  • "Since my husband started wearing Lyric, there is much less stress in our home.  It has also taken away a lot of stress with our children.  I don't hear him saying with the kids, "Answer me when I talk to you."  He can actually hear them answer.  Now my husband hears everything I hear."

    -Niki, spouse of a Lyric Wearer
  • "The sound quality of the Lyric is very natural. For years, I never realized just what my voice sounded like.  I was very monotone.  When I got the Lyric, I was able to address that as well as hear sounds and music in the house...it's great!"

    -Kim, Lyric Wearer
  • "Lyric is 100% invisible. No one knows I have hearing aids in. I forget I have hearing aids in. You cannot see Lyric no matter which way you turn."

    -Rebecca, Lyric Wearer
  • "Men are vain, just like women. We don't want to look like we're getting older.  A telling sign of age is wearing a hearing aid.  So yes, it's very important to wear hearing aids, but we like to have them so no one can see them."

    -Pete, Lyric Wearer
  • "Being able to hear is participating in life to its fullest. Just like your eyes are so important, it’s so important to see, it’s important to hear too, and it just has changed my life, and I’m grateful."

    -Marcia, Lyric Wearer
  • "Lyrics are awesome because they are hassle-free.  There is no maintenance; there's no batteries to change - to keep up with. There's no wax-guard. There's nothing you need to be worried about. You're just always ready to go."

    -Jeremy, Lyric Wearer

9 out of 10 customers are “very satisfied” with Lyric's sound qualityrBased on a survey of 100 patients who had worn Lyric for at least 30 days



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