Natural Sound

Hear what users are saying about Lyric!
"Lyric is off the charts as far as clarity crispness. I feel like I don’t have hearing loss. I feel pretty much as good as I’ve ever felt about my hearing." Cookie, Lyric Wearer
"What I hear differently with Lyric is the ability to hear behind me. Much more clearer and more crisper and more understandable as it comes into your ear. So I found that the Lyric was a better product in the sense of the understanding of what’s coming at you from different directions." Pete, Lyric Wearer
"Restaurants used to be a huge problem and we eat out a lot. You get a lot of background noise and cross talk. Don’t have that problem anymore. Wearing Lyric is so natural that you forget you have them in." Dave, Lyric Wearer
"I heard sounds I hadn’t heard in years. I was able to hear my kids speaking, I was able to understand what they said and before I had problems hearing and understanding what my family said to me. I was able to hear animal sounds I haven’t heard in many years. It was just like turning a switch and it was amazing." Lawrence, Lyric Wearer
"You know, I never wanted to talk about my hearing aid, the old hearing aids, to anybody. But I find that I’m telling all of my friends that this is what I wear and don’t talk so loud because I can really hear you and I can hear everything you’re saying and yes I talk about it to everybody and recommend it to everyone who has this problem." Marcia, Lyric Wearer
"It truly is as close to my own hearing as I ever thought I would be able to experience in my life time." Libby, Lyric Wearer
"The Lyric hearing aid in my ear is as natural of a feeling that I can get for hearing as opposed to any other hearing aids that I’ve used." Lawrence, Lyric Wearer
"Background noise doesn’t bother me. I’m in a restaurant, I’m in a situation where there is a lot of noise, and I can hear people. I can talk on the phone in a group of people and I don’t have to say “shhh, get out of here”, you know, "I can’t hear." Cookie, Lyric Wearer