Understanding Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

On average, people with hearing loss wait almost 10 years before they do something about it. Too few people make a timely decision to take active steps to recover their hearing and increase their quality of life. If you think you may have hearing loss, try this quick and easy at-home hearing self-assessment to find out if you should talk to a hearing professional.q91% of Lyric users agree they can hear clearly in more situations than they could prior to wearing Lyric. Based on results from a survey totaling 100 patients who had worn Lyric for at least 30 days.

Don't wait too long. Studies show that hearing loss can significantly affect your quality of life: More than half of people who do not wear a hearing aid surveyed claim that they feel lonely, disconnected and experience considerable loss in the convenience and comfort of life. Wearing a hearing aid every day can bring the joy of everyday moments and sounds back into your life. q81% of Lyric users agree that their quality of life has improved since getting Lyric. Based on results from a survey totaling 100 patients who had worn Lyric for at least 30 days.

Often it's challenging to recognize hearing loss as it is happening gradually because you can only hear what you hear. That is why the things you hear may still seem right to you, even though you may already experience a slight hearing loss. The truth is that your brain simply adjusts to the new situation and compensates for the weakened signals coming from the ears. After a while your brain literally forgets how to hear, because it does not remember the sound of words.

It does not have to be that way. Modern hearing aids offer a wide range of functions and variety. Your hearing care professional will help you make the choice that is perfect for you. They will consider your hearing needs, the shape of your ear canals, your lifestyle, your budget, and your individual hearing preferences.

Hearing Solutions

As you educate yourself on your options, here is some general information on hearing aids and the Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid to help you make an informed decision and find the best hearing aid possible for you.

With the latest advancements in hearing aid technology there are choices for all types of hearing loss and lifestyles. Hearing aids vary in cost, quality, features and fit. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision to get the best hearing solution for your lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Types

There are a variety of different hearing aid types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to fully understand your needs in a hearing device, it is important to know about the various types of hearing aids available to you.  Keep reading to learn more about which hearing aid may best fit your lifestyle.

Behind the Ear hearing Aids (BTE)

Behind the Ear hearing aids are typically the most visible hearing aids and the most traditional. These hearing aids consist of a large, generally plastic case that rests behind the ear with a tube or wire running into the ear and the transmitter of sound. BTE Hearing Aids are customizable and powerful, but are the most easily noticed Hearing Aid available and require battery changes and maintenance on the part of the wearer.


In the Ear Hearing Aids (ITE)

In the ear hearing aids are molded plastic shells that fit completely inside the outer part of your ear. These hearing aids are designed for moderate to severe hearing loss. Additionally these devices are large enough that they often can support additional features such as telecoils and Bluetooth.


In the Canal, Completely in the Canal (ITC, CIC) Hearing Aids

In the Canal Hearing Aids are housed deeper inside the ear canal than ITE devices, but are still generally visible to an outside observer. These hearing aids are less noticeable and must be custom molded to the ear of the user. They can offer some unique features similar to ITE hearing aids but for the most part will be a simpler device.


Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aids (IIC)

Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aids are placed deep inside the ear canal and are invisible to outside observers. Due to their deep placement in the ear canal, there is less noise interference from the outside. The Lyric hearing device is considered both an IIC hearing aid and the only 100% invisible extended wear hearing aid. This provides a high quality union of 2 of the most commonly sought after traits in a hearing aid, incredible hearing and ease of use. Invisible in canal hearing devices use your natural ear structure to deliver the most natural possible sound of any hearing aid. Their small size allows users to have them placed and go on with their daily activities, often forgetting about the devices and their hearing loss, unlike aids that are taken in and out of the ear regularly


Additional Benefits of Invisible In Canal Hearing Aids

  • At-home Adjustment - While major adjustments to the hearing aid will require a visit to your hearing aid professional, most IIC hearing aids can be adjusted by their users either with the help of a control station or wirelessly with a remote control. The Lyric hearing aid uses the SoundLync adjustment tool in order to turn the device on and off at night and to make volume adjustments as needed.
  • Fits an Active Lifestyle - Due to the positioning of IIC hearing aids, they can be left in for a majority of activities and uses. In many cases they can be used with headphones and regular phones without the use of any extra equipment or amplification. They also may be left in during many sporting activities in order to allow a user to hear while participating in their favorite activity.
  • Ready to find out if a device like Lyric is right for you? Request more information using the form to the right and one of our hearing specialists will contact you to answer any questions. q72% of Lyric users love their Lyric. Based on results from a survey totaling 100 patients who had worn Lyric for at least 30 days.



9 out of 10 customers are “very satisfied” with Lyric's sound qualityrBased on a survey of 100 patients who had worn Lyric for at least 30 days



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