New hearing aids and new hearing aid technology – sifting through “the noise”

There is a lot of noise in the market about hearing aids – and this is the time of year that many hearing aid companies are advertising new hearing aid technology and new hearing aids in the market. In fact there are hundreds of new product launches every year. So how can you, as a consumer, decipher what new hearing aid technology is out there and what advancements will truly improve your hearing experience? And how can you tell if the new hearing aids will be better than what you currently have? One way to know you are getting a truly breakthrough hearing technology is to try Lyric Hearing.

Lyric Hearing is the ONLY hearing aid technology that can be worn up to 4 months at a time,* even while sleeping, showering+, and exercising, and the ONLY one that is truly 100% invisible. Lyric has incorporated novel hearing aid technology advancements to create a breakthrough hearing device many people have been waiting for. Lyric has soft, flexible, biocompatible seals that surround the receiver, speaker, and tiny, long-life battery (the battery is designed to last up to 4 months at a time!). The tiny size of the device and soft seals make it possible to place Lyric close to the ear drum where it amplifies sound using your own ear anatomy. This creates a natural sound quality. And because of the deep canal placement, the device is totally invisible once it is placed.

Lyric Hearing is truly a breakthrough solution, and is like no other new hearing aids or new hearing aid technologies launching this year. So clear through the noise and try something truly game changing! See a Lyric Hearing Professional and find out if Lyric is right for you.

+ Lyric should not be submerged in water.
*Individual replacement needs may vary.


9 out of 10 customers are “very satisfied” with Lyric's sound qualityrBased on a survey of 100 patients who had worn Lyric for at least 30 days