How Does It Do That? Invisibility and Continuous Wear with Lyric Hearing Aids

Thu, 01/26/2012 - 16:26 -- shauru

You already know about two of Lyric hearing aids’ major benefits: invisibility and extended wear capabilities. But, do you know what about Lyric’s unique design makes those advantages possible?

Lyric is the only 100% invisible hearing aid on the market; it cannot be seen at all from the outside of the ear. Lyric is able to stay out of sight when other in-the-canal hearing aids are still partially visible because our trained professionals size each patient’s ear so that Lyric can be placed more deeply (and further out of sight) than other completely-in-the-canal hearing aids.

In addition to being entirely invisible, Lyric is the world’s only extended wear hearing aid. Users can leave their Lyric hearing devices in for up to four months* to enjoy 24/7 hearing. How can Lyric stay in the ear canal safely for so long? Lyric’s soft seals do more than help make placement in the bony portion of the ear canal comfortable—they keep the seals from pushing too hard against the ear canal’s skin so that blood can flow more smoothly. Furthermore, the seals are breathable to prevent moisture from pooling between the seals and skin. These features help make Lyric hearing devices’ continuous wear benefits possible.

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*Lyric can be worn for up to 120 days at a time. Individual replacement needs may vary.