Hearing Aid Feedback: Causes and Solutions

Wed, 11/30/2011 - 15:57 -- shauru

What Causes Hearing Aid Feedback?
Have you experienced whistling sounds with previous hearing aids? Hearing aid feedback can be due to a variety of reasons, for example, if the microphone transmits vibrations through the hearing device casing, the inner circuitry of a hearing aid has problems, or amplified sound from the hearing aid speaker is picked up by your hearing aid mic and recycled.*

How Does Lyric Reduce Hearing Aid Feedback?
The Lyric hearing device has unique advantages that can reduce feedback. The deep placement of Lyric hearing aids puts the hearing aid receiver closer to the ear drum so less output is required to accommodate the same degree of hearing loss. Lyric also does not have the large vents in traditional hearing aids. This reduces pathways that sound can leak out of. Finally, Lyric requires less high-frequency amplification between 2000-3000 Hz, the range hearing aid feedback most often occurs in. See this page for more information about hearing aid sound quality .

What Should I Do If I Experience Feedback with Lyric Hearing Aids?
If you are experiencing feedback, your Lyric hearing aid provider can help diagnose the problem. In the meantime, try lowering the volume on your hearing device to the point where feedback/screeching subsides. If you must decrease the volume to the point where your ear feels blocked or you cannot hear, remove your hearing devices, then make an appointment with your Lyric provider. Lyric hearing aid specialists have been trained to investigate potential causes of feedback. You’ll be back on your way to better hearing in no time!
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