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Lyric Hearing Aid Blog

Fri, 05/28/2010 - 19:00

In celebration of Better Hearing and Speech Month, we are encouraging Baby Boomers and others who may suspect they have hearing loss to have their hearing checked. Since May is dedicated to helping people communicate and raise awareness about hearing and speech disorders, we want to note that hearing tests are the first step to help people who are experiencing hearing loss determine how they can take advantage of today’s technology.

9 out of 10 customers are “very satisfied” with Lyric's sound qualityrBased on a survey of 100 patients who had worn Lyric for at least 30 days

Lyric is off the charts as far as clarity and crispness. I feel like I don’t have hearing loss. I feel pretty much as good as I’ve ever felt about my hearing. - Cookie, Lyric Wearer

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Cookie, a Lyric Hearing Aid Wearer