Lyric Wearer Story Contest Winners

Many Lyric wearers have unique and remarkable stories. To help us spread the word about the benefits of Lyric hearing, we ran a contest in the Fall of 2009 that invited Lyric wearers to share their personal stories. The Grand Prize for the contest was a free year of Lyric Hearing.

The response was overwhelming. So overwhelming that in addition to one Grand Prize winner, we wanted to list the "honorable mentions" as well.



Jonathan L., San Francisco, CA (Pacific Hearing Service)
"With Lyric, the only thing that holds us back is the extent of our dreams and our belief in them. While I will always have a hearing loss,
Lyric prevents that loss from defining me. My name is Jonathon Lai - I am a son; a basketball player; a college graduate; a hopeful entrepreneur; and a Lyric wearer, always.*"


Dane A., Syracuse, UT (Ogden Hearing Clinic)
"I can happily say Lyric has changed my life. I have been able to return to all the activities that I love and enjoy with others. Now, I go days without thinking about my hearing aids or my hearing loss.*"
Grace J., Littleton, CO (Colorado Tinnitus & Hearing)
"You don't even have to take it out. You can wear it 24/7, no one can see it, and I can't even feel it. Sometimes I forget that I have it on! I just want to say thank you Lyric.*"
Margaret K., San Diego, CA (North County Audiology)
"I wish I could find a solution to my blindness as effective as the Lyric has been for my deafness.*"
Kyle D., Mendham, NJ (Northern Valley ENT)
"The Lyric is a wonderful advance in hearing aids, which has altered my life for the better.....I am glad to have discovered and tried the Lyric, and look forward to the future of good hearing they promise to provide!*"
Carol P., Princeton, NJ (Northern Valley ENT)
"In a word, tremendous! That's how I would describe the impact my Lyric hearing aids have had on my life.....I am sold on the Lyric.*"
Dana G., Pelzer, SC (Bartram Park Family ENT)
"Since I have been wearing my new Lyric hearing aids, my world has changed for the better and I can hear things that I never could before I had my new Lyrics.....I highly recommend Lyric hearing aids; it will change your life for the better!*"

*Patient testimonials represent the perspective of the individuals interviewed and do not represent any claims made by InSound Medical.